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  • Welcome SMART Lab!

    The future belongs to those who always prepare.
    We are preparing for next generation healthcare based on big data, AI at Severance Hospital.

    Radiation Oncology, Radiology, Surgery and Digital Healthcare
    Based on the best expertise of these fields,
    Trusting each other, Relying on each other, and Building teamwork that fills the gaps
    We are moving towards our dreams step by step!

    Join our Journey for the Dream!

  • 가까운 미래의 새로운 의료를 준비하는세브란스 연구자들의 모임

    Teamwork makes the dream works!
    Our teamwork of Excellent Severance researchers preparing for next generation’s HealthCare in the future

  • 의료현장의 의료영상,
    빅데이터 (Real World Data),
    기반으로 진단/치료의 새로운 영역을 개척

    Pioneering a new field of diagnosis/treatment based on medical images, real world data of medical records, and artificial intelligence in the routine clinical practice

  • 영상의학, 방사선종양학, 외과, 병리학, 유전학, 디지털헬스케어 등 다양한 분야의 전문가들과 융합하는 것을 배우며,
    함께 발전하는 연구실

    Multidisciplinary laboratory that develops together by learning to converge with experts in various fields such as radiology, radiation oncology, surgery, pathology, genetics, and digital healthcare.